I was trapped alone in a room completely padded with white pillows

There was a huge wooden door with several heavy metal locks

I raced to the door to open it, but of course, it was locked

Panic ensued shortly after

I screamed, but my voice could not be heard

I beat on the door until my body gave out

I knew I did not belong there, yet I was stuck

Suddenly, the air in the room tightened

My breathing changed to a rigid labored pattern

Crying was not an option

I fought hard to hold myself together

No one noticed

The day went on uninterrupted by my struggle

They thought I was smiling, but on the inside, I couldn’t breathe

All the surrounding noise could not drown the dreadful silence that engulfed my soul

If I wait long enough, this will pass and the door will unlock itself

No one but me will ever know I was in there

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