Theatrics of a Wiser Fool

I fell in love with a beautiful lie
The premise seemed promising
The attention and affection seemed perfectly timed
I decided to intentionally dismiss the discrepancies in favor of hope
The truth was always there
My heart and passion hurried through the blurred lines
Now I know for certain that a figment of my imagination was fed with sweetness
What is easily given is even easier to take away
The coldness from withdrawal left me inconsolable
How funny is it that I’ve been beating on a stone wall that had nothing behind it all along
My openness and raw emotions were preyed upon
Now I feel like a wiser fool
That is what happens when one sits too close to the stage
The magic no longer has a stronghold because all the flaws are fully displayed
I got caught off guard, caught up in my feelings, and played
What a dreadful experience indeed

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