Trial Commencement

On the appointed day of the trial, the courthouse was filled to maximum capacity. All the citizens of the Emerald kingdom, from the royal family, nobles, high-ranking officials, to the low-bred commoners, waited outside in the courtyard. Each was mandated by the Queen to transform into a suitable human form. This measure was taken to give the human in question the opportunity to feel like she could somewhat be kept abreast of the ongoing trial.
Keinah was escorted by four Celestial Triad guards from the holding cell, through the courtyard, and inside the courtroom. They marched across smooth cobblestone that was embedded with emeralds and surrounded by a lush botanical garden. The onlookers took note as they were seated that the human girl’s fragrance of the sweetest honey and lavender heavily surpassed all the flowers in the garden. She wore a golden silk robe that covered her from head to foot.
 The courtroom itself was a fantastic large room that dazzled with emerald gems and, from floor to ceiling, was coated in marble. Once inside, Keinah was instructed to remove her headdress at her podium. Her halo was a remarkable ring of crimson fire, and she had a spectacular radiant glow. The spectators were stunned by the light and her potent fragrance that filled the entire room. Her soul had finally been released from her body, never to return to the realm of the living. Therefor her essence was in full bloom.
The Reaper entered the room on his own accord. The participants jeered and scowled at his presence. Even though The Reaper had high standing and was revered among all the entities in the universe, but because he took issue with the great General of the Emerald clan, he was not welcomed in their realm. He scoffed at their mocking and stood indignantly at his podium.
Vadiim entered the room with his counselors, Lord Orcel, who appeared as a stout, bald man with a long brown beard, and Lord Bilal. He was advised not to so much as glance in Keinah’s direction. It was a task that even his counselors could not help in doing themselves. Like all the others, they were in awe of her presence. Vadiim grinned to himself, knowing full well that everyone could witness how magnificent she was and that he was not in an isolated delusion about it.
A guardsman walked to the front of the room and struck his staff on the pavement twice before announcing, “Make way, make way! The Queen holds court this day!” All the participants stood up as the Queen entered and stood at her podium.
“Noble citizens of the Emerald Kingdom, I hope this day finds you in good health,” she said.
They all responded collectively, “And you as well, my Queen!”
She addressed the court as everyone took their seats. “This day is unlike any other, in that an unusual occurrence has taken place. We have encountered all kinds of species in countless realms of the living through our endless journey in time. Our interactions with mankind have always led to disappointments and sorrows. Their connections are often dysfunctional and brief, to say the very least. Our elders established laws abolishing relationships with humans for that very reason. On this day, our kinsman is being held in contempt for violating those laws. We hold court to determine the outcome of our kinsman and the human girl he has consorted with. Counselor Orcel, please plead your case on his behalf.”
Lord Orcel approached the center of the room and began his speech. “We beseech you to pardon our kinsman, a great warrior and General of the Emerald clan’s Legionnaires. General Vadiiamonial has been at the helm of many wars waged against our kind for more than a dozen centuries. He valiantly served his post at the Emerald capital until he was suddenly bewitched. Tell me all under the sound of my voice; who can resist the captivation of this nymph? We are all but drowning in the depths of her aroma, even as I speak. I dare say that we have all unwittingly become intoxicated under her spell. I surmise she cast a spell and seduced him all at once. He had no chance of acting in his right mind, just as we barely have the wit ourselves!”
The courtroom clamored and gasped in the factual revelation that they each had become drunkenly intoxicated by Keinah’s radiance and fragrance.
The Queen approached Keinah. “It is fitting that we examine the human girl’s experiences to help give insight into her case.” She touched Keinah’s forehead, so a virtual film of her life span played for the entire court to see. They came upon an image of a night that Keinah and Vadiim swung on a makeshift swing he had built for her when she was a child. She faced him as she straddled his lap, and they rocked back and forth over the sea. He leaned over to kiss her neck and whispered in her ear, something that made her giggle.
Gazing into her eyes, he whispered, “I plan to stay by your side for eternity. There is no place that I care to be if you are not there.” He placed an emerald stone in her hand, which, unknowingly to her, was a customary tradition among the Celestials to break a piece of themselves off and offer it to their eternal mate.
Keinah marveled at his luxurious gift, “I cannot accept this! It is finer than anything that I own,” she exclaimed.
Vadiim kissed her reassuringly and then said, “You are finer than anything I own. You are mine, and I am yours—forever.”
She indicated she wanted him to love her, so he lustfully savored a mouthful as he suckled her breast. Again, they passionately intertwined while rocking on the swing.
The image made Keinah falter at her podium with mortification. Vadiim was crushed by her anguish, to where he entered a feverish rage and picked up the giant marble podium in front of him and threw it across the room. It crashed so hard against the wall that it demolished half the wall and hit a hundred onlookers in the courtyard. The court hollered in disbelief, amazement, and awe at his awesome display of might. The crowd cheered and whistled with excitement to praise their great General.
The Reaper rolled his eyes in disdain and demanded that the Queen bring the court back to order.
Lord Orcel rebuked Vadiim, “You will not speak! If you value the state of your freedom and do not wish to be turned to stone, allow us to testify on your behalf with no more ridiculous disruptions!”
Lord Bilal calmed the attendants, then addressed Queen Ordessa. “My Queen, you seemed aroused by this scandalous affair. Am I incorrect?”
“No, you are not, and indeed I am.” She smirked. “The extraordinary quality of our kinsman’s skills and techniques as a passionate lover appears to have more than exceeded the age-old rumors. He is so tender and yet attentive all the while,” she marveled.
The courtroom was shocked by the Queen’s open confession, but the female attendants swooned in agreement.
The Queen continued, “You called it a scandalous affair, but I beg to differ. Just as you have rightly described the General as a mighty warrior who has conquered scores of foes in his time, do you mean to say that he became so weak that he could not ward off the charms of a human girl?’
Lord Bilal quickly responded, “Perhaps the awareness of his immortality caused him to believe that she was no threat.”
“Perhaps,” The Queen stated.
Lord Bilal continued, “This scandalous affair began as a stir in curiosity but should not end in his doom. The General is needed to ensure that our kin will continue to thrive in our existence and remain undefeated among other clans and species.”
The Queen interjected, “I agree he should not be relieved from his post over this incident. Ah, but one cannot say that the affair was, in fact, a scandal. The distinction between a taboo is the appearance of genuine affection. The General has never made qualms about staying true to his dedication to our kingdom and his clan. It is unlikely that he would carelessly toss his allegiance to the side for a meaningless affair.”  
Lord Orcel brashly interrupted, “My Queen, do you mean to say that because they shared a mutual affection that all is well? I am for certain our elders who experienced the same type of luxury with humans but found the relationship to be unsustainable would disagree.”
Queen Ordessa laughed heartily, and the court attendants laughed along, without truly understanding her amusement. She chimed back in. “Lord Orcel, I only imply that it is imaginable that the General would be drawn to this human girl, and she likewise to him. There is obviously an impenetrable bond between the two, known as love. I hardly call that reason to list their interaction as a scandalous affair.”
The court attendants murmured amongst themselves, until a regal female voice from a row several seats back rose, “I disagree!”

The Far Side of Hereafter, Ch. 9


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