Apprehended Hearts

The Celestial Triad guards comprised the finest and strongest members of three of the Celestial clans (since the entire Ruby clan had become defunct). The Captain of the guard ordered several of his kinsmen to detain the subjects in question.
The Captain decreed, “General Vadiiamonial, you are under arrest for trespassing and breaking other spiritual laws!”
The other guards were dumbfounded by Keinah’s powerful aroma, and she easily slipped away from their grasp. She ran to Vadiim and buried her face in his chest as she wept.
He buried his face into her hair to kiss the top of her head and whispered sweetly, “Do not fear, my love. No harm will come to you where we are going. We just need to sort out all our affairs.”
She looked him in the eyes and kissed him passionately on the lips before the other guards were ordered to snatch her away.
A very disgruntled Reaper could be heard tussling and arguing with the guards, who cuffed him. “What in damnation do you think you’re doing? I cannot be arrested; I have done nothing wrong,” he howled.
“You all must come to the Emerald capital to sort this out,” The Captain of the guard said as he uncorked a potion that caused Keinah and The Reaper to pass out. Within an instant, all the entities vanished from the room.
It was Lord Bilal who had reported Vadiim’s misdeeds to the Emerald Queen, Ordessa. He felt justified in sending the General on that long expedition because the result brought defeat to the Sapphire bandits who indeed intended to attack their beloved kingdom. Lord Bilal became wary when he realized Vadiim could not be held under control. He felt that this put the entire Emerald kingdom at a disadvantage because their great General could not be counted on in times of emergencies as he had always been before.
Queen Ordessa was the 12,444th successor to the Emerald throne, and the coronation of her sovereign reign was 50 million years ago in human terms. She had spent her entire life span mostly inside the palace grounds. She was only called outside the Emerald castle to serve as a judge in the Emerald capital courthouse. The Queen was a connoisseur of literature. Through her exposure to other species was limited, she felt connected to them all by reading as much about other life forms as possible. She had never met an actual human and only could rely on her books and reports from her kinsmen. Queen Ordessa was thoroughly intrigued by the human girl who had captured the heart of their well-revered General. His loyalty to the Emerald Empire had been steadfast before then. 
The Queen paid Keinah a visit inside the holding cell, where she awaited trial. She transformed herself into a statuesque beauty with long blonde hair and creamy ivory skin. When the guards announced the Queen before opening the cell door, Keinah humbly knelt at her feet.
Queen Ordessa was almost breathless at Keinah’s arousing fragrance and striking beauty. “Arise, my child,” she commanded.
Keinah stood before the Queen with a disheartened demeanor. The heaviness of her spirit moved the Queen. It was obvious that the girl was distraught and had been crying for a while.
The Queen cautiously took her hand and said in a kind voice, “I know all of this must be unsettling to you, my child. Take courage; this is all new to my kinsmen and me as well.”
Keinah’s breathing trembled. “What is going to happen next?” she asked.
The Queen answered with care, “A trial will be held to sort out this entire matter. We will take every measure to understand it all.”
Keinah sighed heavily as if to take in the Queen’s words. “I do not think I can do this,” she said as a single tear fell and clung to her thick eyelash.
Queen Ordessa brushed the tear away. “My dear child, everything that you are feeling right now is all the more reason to go through with it,” she replied.
After an hour, Queen Ordessa made her way to her chariot to return to the Emerald castle. She affectionately pondered her encounter with Keinah. This human girl was unlike any she had read about, nor was ever mentioned by her kinsmen. Her delicious fragrance made it impossible not to take pleasure in her presence. Her sorrow was so moving that the Queen could not shake the urge to stay in the holding cell to console her longer. According to Celestial knowledge, part of the reason humans were considered weak was because of their inherent nature for codependency. Attachment causes fear or the fear of loss. Though the Celestials were in constant pursuit of objects that they desired, there was never any kind of sentiment that could bring an onset of fear behind it. From that moment, Queen Ordessa understood why the General treasured this human girl.

The Farside of Hereafter, Ch. 8


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