In Truth

“There’s an influx of dialogue surrounding one’s identity. We’re often told not to derive our identity from the opinions of others.

In truth, that isn’t a realistic objective. From the time we are born, we rely on someone else to tell us and the rest of the world who we are. A name is selected. The birth certificate details a physical description.

We go through adolescence acquiring nicknames, pet names, and the like thereof. By the time we reach the middle of adulthood, we’ve spent half our lives believing who other people made us.

Liberty dictates that we have a choice in what we buy into. Some things can’t be changed, but if you allow yourself the power to believe else wise; you can change your whole world.

I am a descendant of the Goddess Oshun. Her divinity dwells within me. That is who I am and how I changed my world.”

-Malaykah, Somewhere Beyond the Stars and Sea-

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