Dragon Faerie War God (cont.)

It was also known among the realm that fifteen eons ago, King D’Mѐtѐr planned to form an alliance with the Tengu clan. The Faerie King felt a crossed breed with the Tengu would produce the best offspring to help his campaign for realm dominance. The Faeries had magic, the Tengu had brawn, and they both could fly. An arrangement was made so that Orcäl, the Tengu King, would marry a royal heir of the Faerie kingdom. The problem arose when King D’Mѐtѐr could not deliver any offspring of his own. He enlisted the help of his brother, Odëign, who had a beautiful daughter. All talks of the alliance fell apart once it was discovered that she ran off and eloped with the king of Phëläniciä.

Alëxios scolded the Tengu Chief in an even-toned voice that thoroughly filled every space inside the cave. “ General Torahgän, in light of all that is at stake, bringing up ancient history is not the best measure to persuade me to side with you. For we are standing in the very place where the 2nd Epoch of Judgement was sentenced to your clan. Your impetuous king allowed the Faeries to deceive your kin multiple times, which caused ruin to your entire clan. Contrary to your thoughts, I am not so simple-minded to believe an alliance would result in triumph.”

General Torahgän shrugged his shoulders in disbelief. “Surely you can take mercy upon our misfortune. The Tengu clan are not prone to double-cross anyone under allegiance with us.”

Byakko had grown weary of the dialogue. He knew Alëxios was far more diplomatic than he. There was only one way he could think of to halt the proceeding, so he stood up on his four hindquarters which allowed him to tower 20 feet over the Tengu Chief. Alëxios nodded his head for Byakko to stand down. Without visible defiance, he obeyed the Phëläniciän king.     

Alëxios walked directly over to General Torahgän. His aura unleashed a ferocious intensity that made his presence petrifying. The asphalt became hot, and the smell of sulfur engulfed the cave. A thick fog rolled in. Suddenly, they stood together in pitch-black darkness. All that could be seen were cold emerald-colored eyes, which pierced through the Tengu Chief’s core.

Alëxios said sternly, “Do not mistake me for a fool. We both know you only sought me after you were spurned by King D’Mѐtѐr. You were willing to sell your pride to side with him, even after he framed your king for attempting to steal and kill the Moon’s children. Had the Ultimate Creator not intervened with judgment, I imagine you would be at war with the Faeries in this very moment.”

General Torahgän faltered to his knees in fury. He knew Alëxios was right. King Orcäl was duped into teaming with the Faeries on a quest to steal the Moon’s children and absorb their mighty power. The Moon was enraged and threatened to destroy the whole realm in retaliation. During the trial, King D’Mѐtѐr painted a picture that placed the blame solely on the Tengu clan. For the 2nd Epoch of Judgement, Chrëst sentenced the Tengu clan to a fiery death beneath the sea. Those who were allowed to survive served as reminders of the dreadful event. Their wings were scorched, and they could no longer take flight. Though they still had strength as warriors to rely on, they were at a disadvantage being land-bound.

Alëxios steadied his wrath enough to allow his terrifying aura to recede. He gripped General Torahgän by the shoulders to lift him in the air with ease. “General Torahgän, as my comrade stated earlier, it would behoove you to know your place. The Tengu clan’s insatiable appetite for dominance led to the destruction of your kingdom. No doubt, King D’Mѐtѐr’s insanity will be stopped. The Phëläniciäns do not need to form an alliance of any sort to do so. I am a God of War, and my army will crush him in due time.” He slammed General Torahgän on the cave floor and walked away.

~Ch.6, Somewhere Beyond the Stars and Sea~

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