Dragon Faerie War God

It was not customary for Phelanician dragons to be mounted or ridden. The dragons were considered sacred kindred, not to be mistaken for mere service animals. In this case, it was permissible because Alexios and Byakko formed a covenant at the beginning of their acquaintance. Their lives were somewhat similar in that they both were held in high esteem for being considered a rarity among their kin. Alexios’s lineage; half Phelanician, Faerie, and God placed him at the top of the chain. Scrolls from the Mystic Legends stated albino dragons were gifts from Chrëst, the Ultimate Creator. Byakko, being an albino dragon with pearly-white fur, stood out within the dragon litter. There was no one like the pair in all of Phelanicia.

~Ch. 6, Somewhere Beyond the Stars and Sea~

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