Beyond the Moon

Malaykah fell asleep shortly after her time of pleasure. She slowly began to rouse when she felt something like warm water touching her feet. She rolled from her left side onto her back and found herself looking up at what appeared to be a pink-rosy cloud-filled sky that resembled the moon from earlier that night. Beneath her sinking body felt like wet sand. Before she could come to her senses, a wave of water crashed over her. She began to panic in fear of drowning. As the tide pulled back, she sprung to her feet, all while choking and clasping her chest. She tried to run before another wave engulfed her, but collapsed to her knees.

She noticed the pink coral sand surrounding her. Malaykah began to hyperventilate from her near-death experience and not knowing her surroundings. She shut her eyes tight, trying to make sense of things. All of a sudden, she felt a large hand gently stroking the back of her hair. The sound of a familiar voice whispered softly in her ear. Without opening her eyes, she immediately knew it was Alëxios.

“Do not be afraid Malaykah, I brought you here only because you requested me to,” he said in his usual seductively calming voice.

~Ch. 3, Somewhere Beyond the Stars and Sea~

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