Queen’s Move

In the meantime, Lords Bilal and Orcel made haste towards the Emerald castle to request an appointment with the Queen. Upon entering the royal throne room, they both were beside themselves with frantic angst. They were reprimanded by the Queen’s advisors for acting so unbecoming in her presence. Queen Ordessa herself was beaming with satisfaction that her designs were coming to fruition as she desired.
“Lords Bilal and Orcel, to what do I owe this unexpected call?” she inquired with an unmasked smirk.
The Lords bowed reverently, then rose indignantly. “My Queen, please forgive our bold nature at this most perilous time. There have been reports that General Vadiiamonial has once again abandoned his post, only this time, his whereabouts are unknown,” Lord Bilal stated soberly.Lord Orcel anxiously interjected, “It appears that the General has vanished into thin air!”
The Queen paused for what seemed like a long time, while haphazardly concealing a contemptuous smirk. She did not want to tip her hand just yet. “This is a rather odd development, but not at all surprising given the General’s passionate performance at the courthouse,” she boasted.
The Lords were dumbfounded into a stupor by her words and simultaneously asked her to further expound.
She continued, “We witnessed together as The Reaper delivered the human girl to the gates of Sheol. Now, let us do something that has never been done before; use our imagination. It is no coincidence that General Vadiiamonial is inaccessible at this very hour. I suppose it is likely that he infiltrated the gates to be with his lover.”
“Impossible!” Lord Bilal retorted in disappointment. “This makes the most sense. Perhaps he intends to use his excellent navigational skills to guide her. There is no doubt that she will reach the paradise side swiftly, with the General’s help,” Lord Orcel optimistically proposed.
“He should not be there in the first place! Celestials have no business meddling in human affairs.” Lord Bilal huffed.Queen Ordessa ordered the servers to bring calming incenses and tea bombs. The entire room was instantly filled with smoke and a fragrance similar to Keinah’s scent. Then, the Queen was ready to reveal her move. “There is a much greater problematic issue at hand; He has already offered his eternal commitment to this woman. Suppose his true intentions are to remain there with her to dwell for all times,” she stated.For the first time, grief descendent over the Lords. Lord Orcel erupted in panic. “This is unimaginable and could cause all types of calamity, if that is the case!” Lord Bilal became overwhelmed in defeat. “If the Emerald kingdom and all our provinces are left unprotected, there will be a vast majority of entities to wage massive campaigns to dismantle our homelands. This human girl has ultimately become our undoing,” he concluded. The Queen allowed the Lords to wallow in their stupor. They mumbled amongst themselves to sort out the next play. “We have to release him at once and convince him to come back to his natural senses,” Lord Orcel declared aloud.
Queen Ordessa was delighted that it did not take eons to arrive at the desired conclusion. “The only way to achieve that goal is to bring the girl out with him,” she chimed with faux thoughtfulness.
A vexed Lord Bilal immediately disagreed, but stifled his complaint. “My Queen, that is not even remotely a possibility. Not to mention that we would have to contend with The Reaper all over again,” he protested.
Queen Ordessa had lost all patience with her attempt to persuade the Lords that her idea was plausible. “It is of no consequence, and the Reaper would have no such reason to return. As far as he is concerned, the human girl was successfully delivered to the gates of Sheol. Whatever should become of her within the realm of the afterlife is not a matter of issue for him,” she rebuked sternly.
Lord Orcel surrendered to the calming effect of the incenses. He took a softer tone and replied, “My Queen, please inform us of your plans? Would you keep her here as a detainee or a palace pet?”
Queen Ordessa called for her royal scribes and decreed, “None of the above! Keinah is a rare priceless jewel, not only to the General but us as well. Think about it; her wellbeing will benefit the entire kingdom and keep him at peace. She will reside with me inside the palace grounds and shall want for nothing. This way, General Vadiiamonial’s utmost desire will be fulfilled. Nothing will come between him and his eternal mate, and he will continue to proudly serve and protect the Emerald kingdom wholeheartedly.” This measure did not sit well with Lord Bilal. Flabbergasted, he interjected, “Absurd! What if other Celestials seek to find and bring humans here? We would become overrun to the brink of ruin!”
Queen Ordessa found humor in Lord Bilal’s resistance to the incenses. She chuckled before stating, “It is evident that this particular human girl is a rare find. None of our ancient elders had the fortune to come across one in her likeness, whose soul radiantly illuminated with such fragrant pureness. The Reaper himself identified her essence as unique.”
The Lords determined they could not sway the Queen from her resolution. An unheard of initiative was created to retrieve both Vadiim and Keinah from the paradise side of Sheol. To some citizens, Queen Ordessa’s motives appeared to lean more into the politics of protecting the kingdom. To others, it became clear that she had developed a genuine affection towards Keinah.
Queen Ordessa adopted Keinah as her daughter, declaring her an Emerald Princess with a status similar to her other 12,434 offspring. The entire west wing within the sprawling palace grounds was sectioned off for Keinah’s living quarters. A domed botanical garden, planetarium, library, and regal manor were all gifted to her estate. The Queen enlisted a host of volunteer Celestials to serve as the Princess’s attendants. All 1900 were ordered to take on only human forms. It was intended to ensure that Keinah would live in comfort while Vadiim protected the kingdom. Keinah’s servants underwent meticulous training to prepare for suitably working while continuously existing under the direct influence of Keinah’s overwhelmingly intoxicating aroma.
Along with being bestowed the royal title, Keinah was tattooed beneath her left breast with the official Emerald clan seal. The Queen took a step further by declaring Keinah’s coronation, not only her new birthday but a nationally celebrated holiday. To fall in accordance with human customs, far more frequent seasonal banquets and festivals were held in her honor. The Emerald kingdom entered an era of exuberant exhilaration that had been long-awaited.
For Keinah, it was a time of bewilderment and wonder. While traveling through the provinces outside the palace, she noted all the lavish mansions that laid stacked on top of each other. She realized that there was a level of upper crest living that she had been denied in her natural life. She was not used to being celebrated, let alone being waited on. Keinah often respectfully declined to accept any other gifts that her new mother offered. Queen Ordessa knew Vadiim held the key to Keinah’s heart, so she researched human betrothments and planned an outrageously lavish wedding for them.
Keinah’s wedding dress was a spectacular satin black ballgown embellished with rubies, emeralds, and diamonds. Attached to her tiara was a lace veil. Vadiim wore a military-styled tuxedo with most of his notable medals decorated on his jacket. The Emerald High Priest studied human ceremonial practices so that he could officiate for them. Inside the majestic throne room, they declared their vows in front of the Queen’s court. Two days later, Vadiim was called away as an envoy for another expedition. By sunset, Keinah listlessly stood on her balcony, watching her new husband and his party ascend into the clouds.


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