The Emerald Kingdom

Vadiim and his kinsmen were known as Celestial beings. Their origin remains unknown, but there were four clans (Diamond, Ruby, Emerald, and Sapphire). These clans existed within both the spiritual realms and among other species for eons. Their immortality allowed them to survey and analyze all aspects of life. Gifted with shape-shifting abilities, they could emulate any other species of choice, even if it was down to every single physical behavior.

These beings sought all aspects of pleasure as a coping mechanism for eternal life. Romantic intimacy was not an unfamiliar trait. Most clan members pursued an eternal mate or mates to fulfill their desire to connect with another. It was because they considered humankind to be fretful, delicate, and weakest among all species that laws prohibiting relations were created. This was a crime punishable by a crystallization sword that could turn them into stone.

Vadiim served as the General of the Emerald clan legionnaires and was considered a mighty warrior. His high rank and talents made him the most sought after among his clan for those seeking a mate. Though he had scores of lovers, he spurned them all by choosing not to commit himself to any of them. Instead, he dedicated himself to protecting and preserving his countrymen in the Emerald Kingdom.

 The Celestials had apathetic views on most things, but were always drawn to the possibility of discovering new life prospects. The essence of Keinah’s pure soul appealed to Vadiim’s interest, beyond the surface of amusement. He knew he would need to convince Lord Bilal, who was the newly appointed High Chief of the clan, that no harm had been done. The state of Vadiim’s eternal existence would be jeopardized otherwise.

The Emerald kingdom was a realm far across the sea from Keinah’s beach. The capital, Imuiir, was a magnificently picturesque city with buildings, infrastructures, and a majestic castle. Lord Bilal maneuvered his way into High Chief’s position by outsmarting the former chief and bribing the officials.  The two were comrades in arms with a genuine affection towards each other. Lord Bilal had intended to appoint Vadiim as his right hand, but he became enraged to learn that his long-time friend had abandoned his post.

The Far Side of Hereafter, Ch. 4

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