Dragon Dynasty

Back at the Änkhöѐ campsite, Byakko read from a piece of parchment to his fellow dragons.

“The life span of Phëläniciän dragons lasts the duration of twenty-three eons. After that, the eldest dragons retire from civic duties to a monastery temple high in the mountains of Phëläniciä. There, the ancient monks reside as well. The Ultimate Creator, Chrëst, assigned each the task of keeping all nine thousand of the sacred scrolls updated by recording all of the events that had taken place throughout the realm.

Phëläniciä itself was considered a blessed kingdom because no other territory inhabited dragons. Moreover, it is documented in six hundred separate passages of the sacred scrolls that they are the most beloved creatures of Chrëst. That is why the legend of the first dragon queen who fell in love with a peri is retold for every Phëläniciän birth, marital rites ceremony, and death.

Long ago, much of the realm was underdeveloped. Then, Chrëst wielded magic to craft territories and form enchanted beings. The dragons were fiercely exciting in that they could both fly and breathe below the sea. While many of the realm’s inhabitants waged wars with each other to conquer domains, the dragons dwelled on peace. Their ability to defend their turf made them stand out among the rest of the population.

A turquoise-colored dragon queen named Ryoko ruled her kin in the eastern countryside of the realm. She was known as a daydreamer who often traveled far and wide alone. One day, Ryoko decided to tour the Mideastern land occupied by peri folks. Her unannounced arrival caused a stir, as she was considered a threat. An enchanted arrow struck her front left paw, which caused her to fall from the sky.

The arrow was shot by an archer named Pelӧrän. He had an olive-toned skin complexion and long wavy black hair. Just as he was about to slay her with his sword, she wept and begged for mercy. At first, he did not submit to her wish. He felt pressured by the onlookers to act. Finally, Ryoko mustered enough strength to fend him off and flew away. Pelӧrän was then rebuked for not killing her right away. His kin wanted her head on a platter.

Pelӧrän fly after Ryoko. Due to her injury, he caught up in no time. The two beings landed on the ground in a white-leafed sycamore forest and began to talk. She was captivated by his beauty. Pelӧrän was tall for a peri, and his wings looked of gold and silk. He was impressed with the dragon queen’s regal demeanor.

The pair became enamored with each other and decided to run away together. Pelӧrän and Ryoko traveled to the highest peak in the northern lands and created their marriage ritual to seal their union. Within a decade, the population of their offspring multiplied so immensely that Chrëst granted them and expanded territory. At the end of their life spans, each made a final request to Chrëst. They both prayed that their line would remain strong within the realm and find the truest love. Chrëst honored them by having their story inscribed in the sacred scrolls so that every Phëläniciän would know where their origins.”

~Ch. 17, The Realm Beyond the Stars and Sea~

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