A Gem About Moï

For the most part, I am good at making decisions. I manage my affairs with a sound mind. However, there are legitimate moments when I cannot muster enough critical thinking skills to “land the bird.” Folks might not know or understand my lavish attraction to candy. I love all kinds, really. That’s why (a memory of my twenty-something-year-old self) a trip to a candy store haunts me to date.

I remember going in with feverish excitement and spirited determination. I wanted something, but wasn’t sure of what it was. I couldn’t decide how much I wanted or if I should mix it with something else. I panicked; my throat was dry and I felt hollow on the inside. A bead of sweat ran down my forehead, only to collide with a single tear drop. I ran out of the store without ever speaking to the clerk, let alone buying anything.

Today I went on a mini adventure. I almost regretted it as soon as I began because I felt like an outcast and I didn’t know what to buy. I’m glad I didn’t run away. That was a big step for me. I found some items that I liked and was confident in my choices. I thought the relief I felt when I sat back in my car was enormously satisfying, but when I shared my gifts with my family they made me feel like a Powerful Queen for having such good insight and taste.

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