Kingdom Suffers Violence (cont.)

If I heal him in time, we can rule Phëläniciä together. If I marry him before I heal him and he dies; I will be the sole ruler of Phëläniciä.  If I don’t heal him in time or marry him; he will die, and Phëläniciä will no longer have their King or a ruler. I have to get this right, or all hell will break loose,” she thought as she headed for the conservatory library.

Inside, she found the book she’d read with Titanëa. She flipped to the page that showed his mother eating the poisonous berries. Her memory recalled reading about demigods, and the likes thereof. She was never much of a conspiracy theorist, but her mind began to unravel: “Only the Gods are immortal. To mix with any other being automatically removed that possibility. I doubt Phëläniciäns would harvest any crops known to be deadly to their kind. Princess Sashaël hid in these lands, and found the berries here. The lethal ingredients could only be deadly to Faeries.”

She sifted through more books to learn the berries were called cӧscëas. They looked similar to raspberries, but were known to have deadly effects on three different races (ogres, banshees, and faeries). While she wrote her notes, she recalled the time her son Roy had the gash on his elbow. “His wound is infected. There must be a way to extract the poison and cleanse the infection.”

~Ch. 10, Somewhere Beyond the Stars and Sea~

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