Kingdom Suffers Violence

Malaykah was ushered by her appointed ladies to tidy up and change into a sequin turquoise gown, before they escorted her to the grand balcony in front of the castle. She stood with Lady Rüvym, their entourages, and several other dignitaries. They watched from above as the Phëläniciän troops paraded into the courtyard, apparently returning from a victorious battle with the Tengu clan. Malaykah anxiously scanned the crowd in search of Alëxios, but he could not be found.

Without warning, she felt a muscular forearm grip around her neck and pull her body backward. She knew she was pressed up against a strong man, but before she could protest he held her tighter in position. She relaxed herself when she heard the rhythm of his heartbeat. He possessively held her in place, but moved his arm enough so that she could look up at him. Alëxios gently kissed her on the forehead, and she smiled.

The surge of erotic energy they experienced on the beach was in full effect. Alëxios and Malaykah were engulfed and intoxicated in an exchange of their Godly powers. This flow extracted every ounce of lust, desire, and pleasure that had been building since the beginning of time. It was almost too much to take in all at once. After several intense minutes passed, he had no choice but to release her.

Lady Rüvym observed their sensual interaction, which caused a stir in her core. The wild gaze of savaged hunger in her grandson’s eyes, as he watched Malaykah’s heaving bosom through her gown reminded the elder of her romantic tryst with Lord Chiyou. To know a God intimately could quite possibly consume a lower being, as it nearly did with her. However, the Goddess Malaykah had the suitable ability to manage such a feat. Lady Rüvym decided to interrupt their fiery trance, as they both appeared ready to devour each other at any moment.

~Ch. 10, Somewhere Beyond the Stars and Sea~

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