1st Year, P. 7

A flash of blinding light invaded the memory. The Alpha squad found themselves back in the lab, standing over Roudan, who was still in the fetal position. Savoi sat beside him and stroked his hair. He moved his head into her lap and continued to weep. Shevchenko and Farouk stood motionless, not knowing how to assist in that moment. Yoshida knelt down near Roudan’s ear.
“Cheer up, Emmett. It’s all over now. We’re back in class,” he whispered.
Roudan slowly sat up and dried his face with a sleeve. Savoi gave him a reassuring smile he was safe. He hesitantly looked up at the rest of his peers, but Yoshida extended an arm out to help him off the floor. Savoi clung to both their arms when they pulled her up on her feet. She nodded for Farouk to take Shevchenko by the hand.
They stood in a circle, and she said, “I know this is a hardship to endure. Sometimes our pasts can haunt us, cause insecurities, and hinder our growth. Nothing revealed today should be held against any of us. We came to Calvary Academy from different paths, but with one goal; to end the war.”
“How are we all able to view each other’s memories so freely?” Roudan asked.
Savoi pondered, then spoke.
“There must be a psilocybin substance infuse with the Fuchsian. With it, one can enter the thoughts of the person or persons nearest to them.”
“She is correct. There are actually several chemical agents at play. I prompted you to think about your past to steer everyone’s thoughts in the same direction. Your experiences are led by whomever has the strongest desire to show themselves. I encourage those of you who have not had a turn to open yourselves up more. Let your team members inside,” Lt. Co. Adame said over the loudspeaker.
Shevchenko snatched her hand away from Farouk.
“With all due respect, Sir. This experiment is awful! What good can come from revealing each other’s worst truths? Surely there must be another way to build comradery,” she cried.
“This experiment is absolutely necessary. The same chemical agents are unleashed on our men and women in the field every day. Those infantry men who did not have the fortunate to be educated here at the academy are defenseless. At least we have the benefit of these experiences to know when we’ve been exposed,” Farouk interjected.
Shevchenko ran screaming away from the group and tried to pry open the entryway doors.
“Let me out! I don’t want to do this!”
Yoshida scolded her with cold eyes. “Leave. You must have a multitude of skeletons hiding. Is that the reason you don’t want us to see? Leave bravery to the rest of us, so you won’t be the weakest link.”
His rebuke cut her to the core. She whimpered back to the circle. Lt. Co. Adame was heard over the loudspeaker addressing his 3rd year cadets.
“Increase the dosage. They should not come to until the cycle has been completed.”
A steady stream of smoke descended on the Alpha squad. Farouk gulped loudly and hyperventilated.
Savoi swayed drunkenly.
“Everyone, just breath,” she said.
Yoshida squeezed her hand tight.
“Lend me some of your strength,” he whispered in her ear.
With a smile, she whispered, “You’ve got it.”
They inhaled and exhaled the smoke until the room went black.
 ~The Waring Robins~

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