Between the Witching Hours P. 4

Roudan sat at the top of the bleachers next to Savoi, who tended to his facial wounds.
“I just want to thank you guys for coming after me. I may have gotten in over my head with the Deltas,” he somberly admitted.
“You think? Things might have gone easy for you with the Bravos, but the Deltas are scum that shouldn’t be entertained,” Shevchenko roared from the bottom row.
Yoshida and Farouk sat in the middle row laughing.
“This dame cracks me up,” Yoshida said, then took a serious tone.
“She’s right, though. Sugar turned to shit quickly for you.” He looked up at Roudan. “I hate to imagine what would’ve transpired if we hadn’t busted up your little party.”
“Yep,” Farouk nodded in agreement until Yoshida slapped him on the back of his head.
“What the hell was up with you, Mousey?” Yoshida asked.
“Ouch. What was that for?” Farouk demanded.
Yoshida’s penetrating glare caused him to shrink in his seat.
“I admit I wasn’t prepared for battle, once again,” he said, nearly teary eyed.
Savoi shoved Yoshida’s shoulder and said, “Lay off him Haru. Maaz jumped in with an excellent assist during the rumble.”
Shevchenko looked at Savoi as if she could spit nails in her directions.
“Haru? You’re just going to skip all the formalities and go for nicknames?”
Savoi was taken aback by Shevchenko’s hostile reaction.
“Well, yes. Hatsuharu is more than a mouthful, don’t you think?” she replied.
The men sat silent, awaiting a showdown between the two women.
Shevchenko had no intentions of taking Savoi on after witnessing her savagely wrestle a man twice her size. She backed down and folded her arms.
“I still think this whole affair was lousy. The Deltas could take revenge and report us to General Benavides,” she said with a quieter protest.
Yoshida scoffed, “That will probably not happen, considering the Deltas are composed of a bunch of losers who barely made the cut. They’d have to explain their role in the events this evening. I doubt any of them want to draw attention to themselves.”
Roudan chuckled. “I can truly say that I have the best pick of squad members anyone could ask for. Farouk, take heart. You handled yourself very well.”
“Yeah, until I got body slammed by Feliz. If Thomasa hadn’t come to my aid, I wouldn’t be sitting here right now,” Farouk sniffed with a light chuckle.
“Ah, yes. That was epic watching two beautiful women stomp the shit out of the Deltas in their ballgowns and heels,” Roudan cackled, then continued. “Thomasa, I must give you credit for your attempt to bring a peaceful resolution.”
“Scum like the Deltas never want to talk it out, which is exactly why they had their asses handed to them. Still, it was a kind gesture,” Yoshida chimed in.
Farouk turned to look at Savoi. “You really are a kind soul. Your demeanor reminds me of the story of Vesati,” he said.
 Savoi grabbed his hand. “That is sweet of you to say Maaz, but there’s no need for such praise,” she replied.
Yoshida gently slapped Farouk on the knee. “Who is Vesati?”
Farouk looked to Savoi for permission to speak. When she nodded, he began. “Vesati was a beautiful Island girl and was the descendant of women who possessed mystical powers. Captain Jorge Holmond from Normandy met her during an exploration exercise. She was kind and helped him gain diamonds during nightly excursions. They eventually became lovers and were intimate for well over three years.”
“I can see where this story leads. Obviously, this Captain Holmond wanted to brag about his diamonds and banging a babe every night for three years,” Yoshida interrupted.
Savoi hushed him with a finger over his mouth. “The story is a bit more complicated than that. There is a myth about Vesati that she held the power of longevity. For every night they made love, ten years was added to his lifespan. Her help to him could also be seen as a curse,” she explained.
Shevchenko scoffed. “Are you calling Savoi a blessing or a curse?” 
Farouk became flabbergasted. “I would never insinuate that she is a curse,” he stammered.
Roudan leaned into Savoi. “Tell us the rest of the story? What happened to the Captain and Vesati?”
Savoi sighed, “Well, they separated many times throughout the years. Their romance rekindled each time they reconnected. He lived a very long life as a rich man. She was continuously captured by greedy men. On their final encounter, Vesati was accidentally beheaded by Captain Holmond. The curse was lifted, and he died instantly by her side.”
Yoshida and Roudan looked fretfully at each other. “Damn!” they said simultaneously.
Shevchenko shook her head at Farouk in disgust. “What a dreadful story,” she said.
Savoi grinned and said, “As such is life.”
Suddenly, the sun crept over the mountains. Daybreak meant the witching hours had concluded. Everyone went back to their barracks to prepare for class.
~The Waring Robins~

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