The Eyes Have It

Meanwhile, over at the female barracks, Shevchenko wrestled with the three large duffle bags that her father insisted she take for her journey. It was not exactly the weight of her belongings that burdened her the most. Each bag contained every single last item she had ever owned. She knew this meant that he did not intend for her to return home. Once she made it inside her dorm room, she was startled by an ample-figured girl standing naked in front of a floor mirror. The girl’s long braids covered her “lady parts,” and the beads of water on her flesh gave the impression that she had just come out of the shower.
Shevchenko did not realize how long she had been staring until their eyes met in the mirror’s reflection. The girl had a devious smirk that smoothed out into a welcoming smile.
“Do you need any help with those bags?” the girl asked with a thick accent.
Shevchenko flinched from her trance with a nod to say no.
The girl returned her gaze back to the reflection of her body.
“Back home, we don’t have such big mirrors. They can only be found in gown shops. My mum is a seamstress, but she never let me come to her place of work,” she continued.
Shevchenko stiffened her neck as she felt fatigue from her luggage. She determined the girl was a native of Intagua Island, from her heavy accent and dark complexion. No one from Dosea had ever been near the island. Though the girl was stunning, she seemed to have no sense of inhibition. Islanders were typically known to be carefree. Shevchenko was disappointed to have been placed with an impractical cadet.
Shevchenko hurried by to put her things away, as the girl remained unbothered to be seen. Every few seconds, their eyes would meet again in the mirror. Shevchenko’s flushed cheeks would not conceal any ounce of discomfort. However, her eyes revealed a hint of envy. They both remained silent for several minutes, then an announcement to head to the chow hall came through the intercom. Shevchenko did not want to go alone, but did not want to be accompanied by her dorm mate. She watched the other females congregate outside from their bay window. Suddenly, the girl’s demeanor changed from relaxed to thoughtful.
“Will you please hand me my uniform on the chair?” she asked politely.
Shevchenko did not hesitate to assist, since it meant the girl would finally put some clothes on. As she handed the girl a pair of grey shorts and a top, she read the name label out loud.

~The Waring Robins~

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