Entrance Exam P. 2

Approximately six feet away from where the men were, Cadet Shevchenko watched them listlessly. Their striking physiques stood out as their half-donned wetsuits hung around their waists. She was startled when Cadet Savoi playfully wrapped an arm around her neck.
“Not a bad view, eh?” she whispered.
Shevchenko’s whole body stiffened, mortified that it was obvious she had been ogling.
“Nothing wrong with admiring beauty when you see it. Tall, svelte, and handsome hunks like them will definitely help make the days of training go by fast,” Savoi teased.
Shevchenko tried to ease away, but Savoi’s grip was stronger than she expected.
“Check out the pretty boy with the frosted white tips. I heard a founding General rescued him from the Gokudō gang,” Savoi revealed with a hint of mischief.
Shevchenko turned to her in horror.
“Seriously? How could this prestigious academy even consider enrolling a common street thug? The Gokudō are nothing but thieving murderers,” she said.
Savoi chuckled and tightened her grip around Shevchenko’s neck.
“Oh, come now. They all can’t be that bad. Mostly, it makes sense for him to be here. Who else would be better equipped to fight off the dueling houses than someone well versed in ruthless violence?” she answered.
Shevchenko relaxed her body as she pondered Savoi’s truthful statement.
Savoi released her arm from Shevchenko’s neck and framed her hands to place Yoshida in her view.
“That large Komodo dragon tattoo is inked from his neck, chest, and waist. It looks as if it travels further down. I’d sure like a peek,” she said.
Shevchenko cut her eyes at Savoi, but was also curious about the tattoo. She smirked in agreement along with Savoi.
Faruk was no less than two feet away from the girls, crouched over a black backpack. He had unintentionally eavesdropped on them and overheard Yoshida and Roudan’s conversation. It was apparent to him that neither party was particularly focused on the task at hand, which was to prepare for the exercise. He shook his head in disbelief that they both were so crass during such a time.
Roudan took notice that he and Yoshida were being watched by the girls. He grinned and nudged Yoshida’s arm. They both returned mischievous smirks towards the girls. Shevchenko withdrew her smile, but Savoi became embolden and grabbed her by the hand to drag her over to them. This gave Roudan and Yoshida the green light to approach the girls as well. The four cadets faced off, with Faruk crouched in the middle.
“Hello ladies,” Roudan said. His eyes shifted on Shevchenko.
“Hello guys,” Savoi chimed eagerly, then quick-jabbed Shevchenko in the rib.
Shevchenko jumped in surprise. “Ouch! What did you do—”
Savoi jabbed her again and winked.
Shevchenko nodded shyly and said, “Hello.”
Yoshida gruffly cleared his throat, as he felt slighted from not being acknowledged.
“Hello girls. You made the right to decision to come this way,’ he said.
Savoi squinted her eyes curiously and asked, “What makes you say that?”
Yoshida’s arrogance oozed over his smirk.
“Well, we can protect you from harm,” he answered in a smug tone.
Shevchenko sighed heavily and rolled eyes. Her disapproving scowl caused Roudan to smack Yoshida’s arm.
“My battle buddy and I can surely handle whatever arises. Perhaps you should be thanking us for coming to rescue you!” Savoi snapped.
Yoshida licked his lips, as he was surprised by her objection.
He peered at her at her name badge printed on the right breast of her wetsuit.
“Your confidence is reassuring, Sav-oy,” he replied.
Shevchenko and Savoi glanced at each and snickered.
“My name is pronounced Sav-wah. You must be unfamiliar with national cultural studies.” She pulled the top portion of his wetsuit to his chest and read his name badge. “Cadet Yoshida, surely you know it will take far more than brawn to excel in this academy,” Savoi taunted.
Dumbfounded, Yoshida and Roudan glared at each other. Moments later,  computerized vocals spoke over the intercom.
“Please be prepared; war simulation will begin in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.”
Without further warning, an earsplitting sonic boom blasted the dome. Laser flares fired from every direction, which caused all the cadets to scurry about with covered ears. The dome shook relentlessly for several minutes. Then, a huge shock wave descended through the water and brought in a tidal wave. Everything inside the dome was submerged underwater.  

The Waring Robins, Ch. 10

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