From the air shuttle, the cadets were assembled in the courtyard on the north side of the conservatory. The lush blue skyline blended with a large waterfall that cascaded down into the ocean. Every cadet swooned over the serenity of the moment, which abruptly was interrupted by several manic voices belting from loud speakers surrounding the area. A sense of panic and hysteria soon infiltrated the scene. The cadets scrambled to about to adhere to the incoherent commands barked from each direction. 
“Get in formation, you lousy pups!” an instructor bellowed.
Suddenly, General Benavides appeared and descended out of the building to walk into the melee. The cadets lined themselves in four flanks and waited for instructions. All was quiet on the set as Benavides stood at the podium in the middle of the mall and cleared his throat. He looked both regal and majestic in his heavily decorated uniform, with his red hair flailing in the cool breeze.
“Welcome to Calvary. Here we produce the finest, most efficient, and highly capable military officers to serve the kingdom of Soleste. Your education will stem from a variety of curriculum; academia, combat simulations, land navigation, and your specific military occupational specialty. Our zero-tolerance policies demand excellence in each category as a requirement for graduation. Another important aspect of your training is obedience to Calvary Academy’s guidelines. You must follow the rules and ensure your fellow cadets tow the line as well,” his voice boomed over the microphone.
The cadets whispered and murmured to each other as Benavides continued his speech.
“The first rule of Calvary Academy it prohibited to physically assault a fellow cadet, be it on campus or in the field. Sexual assault is especially forbidden. Both violations are war crimes, which can result in an immediate explosion. Each matter will be reviewed by the Tribunal Council. If any misconduct is proven, sentences can vary from being exiled out of your homeland to immediate execution. The exception, of course, is if you can prove provocation by a traitor.”
Murmurs and whispers reached a crescendo as the cadets mentally processed the stiff regulations of Calvary Academy.
Benavides gruffly cleared his throat to regain control of the audience. Once they were silent, he proceeded.
“No matter what cause brought you here today, consider us all comrades-in-arms. We are each other’s keepers. This war between the dueling houses was inevitable. The end result is clear; we must eradicate the Greater and Lesser houses to bring peace to our kingdom.”
An eruption of cheers and applause replaced dead silence. All fifteen instructors came out of the conservatory and immediately ushered the cadets inside.

The Waring Robins, Ch. 9

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