Family Affairs

The northern state of La’Montre was roughly 400,000 miles from Nerou. When the first war of the two houses took place, La’Montre was immediately sacked after the fall of the capital. Many of the lower nobles joined the Lesser House to ensure their properties and interests would not be adversely affected. Nearly all the cities of La’Montre were known as industrial commerce hubs. The smallest rural farmlands were run by the lowest level of nobles.
A combination of severe droughts, heavy land taxes, and lack of manpower played a role in the nationwide deterioration of each state. The Roudan family oversaw farmlands in La’Montre. The eldest heir, Victor, became executor five years after Calvary Academy opened. He felt passionate about protecting his homeland from the clutches of the two houses at the time. Many of his peers supported the Lesser House, to which he opposed. He enrolled at Calvary Academy to become an officer and serve as an engineer specialist. Victor relinquished his role as executor to his younger brother, Emilio.
Emilio had two sons, Emille and Emmett, who helped who helped him with all business affairs. Emille was not close to his father or brother. He instead, idolized his uncle Victor. He was born at the start of the 1st war, and at twenty-five followed his uncle’s footsteps by enrolling at Calvary Academy. Together, the Roudans were noted to be the least competent of cadets. They struggled mentally, physically, and academically. It was through a sheer determination that they graduated on time with their class.
Emmett was seven years younger than Emille. Until Emille left for the academy, Emmett enjoyed life as a moderately successful underground boxer. He had to give that all up once his father demanded him to attend their family duties. Emilio grew frustrated with his younger son’s lackadaisical approach to managing their properties. This put an even greater strain on dynamics within the Roudan household. The men often bickered on matters that ranged from finances to whether they should formally pledge support to the Lesser House. Emmett vehemently opposed the idea.
Victor and Emille were assigned to the Delta squad. During their 2-year stint at Calvary Academy, both the Greater and Lesser Houses called a ceasefire. General Benavides warned the graduating classes of cadets that this was not an end to the war. Benavides had concerns, which he advised the Tribunal Council. To his dismay, he was correct in his assertions. The day after graduation, bombs blasted once again all over the nation. Delta squad was sent on a reconnaissance mission shortly after.
A report came to the Tribunal Council that during the mission 2nd Lieutenants Victor and Emille Roudan were seen fleeing the pinnacle of action after an ambush by the Greater House knights. The officers were confirmed dead by the Delta squad leader, though their bodies were confiscated by the knights. Word got back to Emilio, who was embroiled in massive amounts of debt because of a decline in harvested crops. The scandal of his brother’s and son’s deaths drove him to suicide. With no family or a place to call home, Emmett Roudan felt he had no other alternative but to enroll at Calvary Academy.
The Waring Robins, Ch. 4

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