Cadet Yoshida

Cadet Yoshida:
Yoshida, Hatsuharu
Age: 18
Height: 5’9
Weight: 176lbs (athletic build)
Eye color: Black
Hair: Black/with frost white tips
Birthmark/tattoo: Red Komodo dragon on back
MOS/position: Armorer (Weapons Specialist)
Highest Rank: Major
Home of Record: Old Toyoko
Background: Born into the prominent Kuge aristocratic class. Early on, he became disillusioned with the stifling hypocrisy of high society. At 10, he rebelled against his family by joining a Gokudō gang. By the age of 14, his father pleaded with a longtime business associate to intervene. Though his father hoped the intervention would lead the wayward youth back into the family fold, it was to no avail. General Guitterez became a mentor and convinced the boy that he would find more fulfillment with his strength and talents as a military officer. Instead of leaving the crime syndicate to return home, Hatsuharu enrolled at Calvary Academy.

The Warring Robins, Intro (p.6)

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