Cadet Faruk

Cadet Faruk:
Faruk, Maaz
Age: 16
Height: 5’5
Weight: 149lbs (athletic/medium build)
Eye color: Light Brown
Hair: Black wavy/short
Birthmark/tattoo: N/A
MOS/position:  Warcraft Pilot (Air Raider)
Highest Rank: Captain
Home of Record: West Praiju
Background: Eldest son of a Sheikh. Lost favor in his family’s eyes after he caused a horrific incident to occur at their estate. Requested to enroll at Calvary Academy to redeem his honor. Personal strengths are integrity and adaptability. Is shy and observant due to PTSD, but easily breaks free from that shell once given the option of comradery.   

The Warring Robins, Intro (p.4) 

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