Cadet Roudan

Roudan, Emmett
Height: 6’1
Weight: 202lbs (athletic build)
Eye color: Green
Hair: Blonde, buzz cut
Birthmark/tattoo: Black cobra wrapped around upper R arm
MOS/position: Tactical Specialist (Alpha squad leader)
Highest Rank: 2nd Lieutenant
Home of Record: Becque City
Background: Son of a mid-level aristocrat. Enrolled in Calvary Academy with a waiver to replace his deceased older brother and uncle (each reportedly died fleeing action during a siege). Father committed suicide after being harassed and shamed by the Greater House Knights, for which the Junior Roudan is often mocked and ridiculed for. He is a skilled kickboxer. His personal strengths are optimism and a willingness to support others in their efforts. Wants to end the war between the Greater and Lesser Houses so that he can return to his normal life. Approaches problems with compassion and consensus building.

The Warring Robins, Intro (p. 2)

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