League of the Extraordinary

To fall under the mandated laws of the Emerald Queen, the entire Diamond Clan army assumed human forms in anticipation of receiving the Emerald Princess. High Chief Lord Chimique was well regarded as one of the most experienced adventurist, as his travels and conquests kept him along the Oriental trading posts. His attire was a regal white diamond-encrusted kimono and long, flowing black hair. He looked the opposite of what would be considered a great warrior; however, he was well revered in martial arts. General Aysha had spent several eons with the Amazonian Valkyries. Naturally, she presented herself in the same fashion, with long white dreadlocks that rested against her sable-black complexion. Her topaz-colored leotard and thigh-high diamond boots made her look like a flash of diamonds.
Vadiim safely led his team to the Citadel in no time. All were perplexed, in shock and awe to behold the Emerald Princess. She resembled nothing like the humans they had been for-warned about. Even Lord Bilal was amazed to see Keinah’s transition, but quickly signaled for everyone to bow to the Emerald Princess. They entered the Citadel and were treated to a great feast.
Keinah walked out to the balcony to get fresh air and enjoy the rest of the night sky. There stood the Diamond clan Valkyrie; General Aysha. They both remained in silent awe of each other. Then General Aysha broke their trance by bowing at Keinah’s feet. This startled Keinah, and she abruptly pleaded with the General to return to her feet. They continued to gaze at each other for at least thirty seconds before a fit of laughter came over them.
General Aysha quickly regained composure as she remembered she was addressing a member of the royal Emerald family. “Milady, please forgive my display of absurdity. There is no excuse for me to conduct myself in such an ill manner. I hope you do not find me to be in contempt of your station,” she said.
Keinah continued to smile and clasped her hands around Aysha’s face. “Great, General Aysha, do not fear me. I am glad to make your acquaintance. Please know that I have not found such a pleasant moment since I departed from my human life. It could not come to me at a better time.”
General Aysha proudly continued their embrace by clasping her hands on Keinah’s face, believing that this was a customary greeting among humans. “Your Grace, if I should be so bold to declare that your beauty and radiance are unmatched in all the realms that I have toured.”
Keinah humbly accepted the compliment before releasing her hold on General Aysha. “Many thanks to you, Great General Aysha. My mother, the Emerald Queen, has told me scores of inspiring details about your accomplishments and your knowledge of countless realms. I can only aspire to be like you,” she said.
General Aysha took her compliments in an equally humbling fashion, though it brought on a spell of inquisitiveness. “May I ask why you have accompanied the Emerald soldiers to the brink of a full-on war?”
Keinah was taken aback by the question but responded with absolute resolve. “I contribute my assistance. I am not an experienced warrior like you, but surely, I can bend a cross-bow and arrow to slay as many enemies that come against us.”
General Ayasha was mesmerized by the simple idea of the Emerald Princess desiring to become a warrior. No other royal member had ever taken such a brazen stance in defending their kingdoms. “What does the Emerald Queen have to say about this?” She further inquired.
Keinah continued, “As you already know, I am not from this realm. The Emerald Queen was gracious enough to adopt me after I perished in my human life. I am not of true royal blood, nor am I a real Emerald clansman. My human life was plagued with all kinds of restraints that kept me from living fully. It is my adoptive mother’s wish that my existence here is the opposite. For me to adapt to my surroundings, I must serve with purpose. If I cannot fight the enemy head-on, I will heal the sick and wounded so that they may do it for me in my stead.”
The light of dawn came bursting over the mountains as Keinah finished her statement. She no longer dazzled with starlight, but the sun’s radiance shined over her and sent beams throughout the Citadel. Everyone bowed in reverence to her latest transformation. Vadiim sent his foot soldiers to escort Keinah to her sleeping chambers. She kissed General Aysha on the cheeks and was whisked away.
At least a hundred dozen of the Diamond clan’s soldiers became disgruntled because of having to transform into a human form and noting that because of Keinah’s transcendent dazzling glow, she was unlike any other human they had heard tales of, let alone encountered. This put Vadiim in a defensive mode. His piercing emerald eyes darted across the room at everyone, as if to dare anyone to challenge him against the Princess’s attendance. The room was smoldering with tension.
General Aysha calmly approached him and placed her hand on his shoulder. “General Vadiiamonial, it is a great honor to see you once again. It has been far too long since we last stood side by side. I have revered the stories of your valor and strength. Everyone here is proud to be in your presence. So why are you in the least bit ill at ease?” she inquired.
Vadiim relaxed his position and spoke kindly to his comrade-in-arms. “General Aysha, it is always a pleasure to stand with you. On these occasions, I prefer no one else. Your courageous efforts to keep the Diamond clan primely advancing into the future have made you one of the finest legendary legionnaires ever to exist. Surely you know that the Emerald Princess is my main concern for various reasons. I simply cannot afford to allow her undoing. Since we know little to nothing of the state of her existence, I am finding it hard to understand how to keep her fully intact.”
General Aysha took a long pause before declaring, “General Vadiiamonial, you have my sworn oath that no harm shall befall her under my watch!” 
Vadiim embraced Aysha and sighed heavily. “I appreciate your aide, General Aysha, but even you might come to see that the Princess is more than a handful. She is hell-bent on lending her services, much like that of a lower-ranking soldier. I could not change her behavior, nor talk her into knowing her station.”
General Aysha wildly laughed before staring intently at her comrade. “I beg your forgiveness, Sir, but you sound mad at the very least. There is no greater honor than serving your fellows. The humans have been taught this, or at least something to that effect since the earliest days of their existence. We all can learn about the mysteries of your Princess just by observing her actions. She is unlike any human that is known to us. I heard tales of how even the Great Reaper proclaimed her excellence.”
The room fell deathly quiet as General Aysha continued to speak. “Princess Keinah is a divine entity and should not be hidden away from all to bear witness. Her desire to offer service is a part of her divine gifting. Her powerful incantations are passed down from her lineage. Who are we to deny her of her true nature just because she is so unique from any of us? I know she is your eternal mate, but her divine destiny hereafter is too important to squander.” She bowed to apologize for her bluntness.
Vadiim smiled with invigoration and relief. “Arise comrade! You have spoken nothing but the truth. Your candor and wisdom deeply move me. There is no mistake that you truly are the greatest legionnaire ever to exist!”
Every soldier in the room marveled at the exchange of the two legendary generals and applauded loudly for them.

The Far Side of Hereafter, Ch. 18


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