You should be a writer

“Your stories are really good!” I’m often complimented on my “way with words” to the point that I spend most of my time actively using wordplay to communicate simple terms to others. After being diagnosed with anxiety and depression a few years back, I found a way to infuse my pain onto my computer screen to counter the lack of help from actual therapy. My depression was in fever-pitch this summer, so a work that I had been laboring to complete was put out on display for any willing viewing eyes. Then my anxiety kicked into full swing so effectively that I had to find a way to disconnect myself from my product. The pretty ugly truth is that I don’t know if I’m actually any good at this. I have a knack and tenacity for storytelling. Perhaps, if I knew how to market my brand it could take me a little further than my bedroom. In all honesty, I am not seeking fortune and glory at all. I have a voice. One that was often told and shown that it didn’t matter or was not worthy of an audience. I don’t think that is the truth anymore. I am speaking. This is my voice. These are my stories.

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