Illuminated Reflection

I used to believe the sun and moon were lonely, like me. They both reside in a realm of isolation, like me. They both are continuously subjected to ridicule and praise, like me. The only difference is that they never wallow in despair from lack of gratification. They take pride in how they bring warmth and illumination to all near or far. They never despise their reflection because they know their worth. I aspire to be like the sun and moon.

The Thing About Life

“Feeling inadequate isn’t all that uncommon. Just because you’re born into a certain special circumstance, or your life is put on a specific path doesn’t mean that your way is any more illuminated than others. You’re right, though when you lack inner faith, it’s almost as if you have an invisible target on your back. Instead of receiving mercy or kindness, you might just be gutted like a defenseless deer.”

-Delano, Ch. 4, In the Business of Loving-